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Sunday, November 06, 2005

States I have visited (or lived in)

create your own personalized map of the USA

Actually, I have really only lived in Texas and Ohio. The rest of these states I have visited on various occasions.

I love home, but I also love to travel and see what the rest of God's world looks like outside of my little backyard!

My next dream US trip would be to travel through all the Northern/New England states, stopping in DC, New York City, and at all of the historical sights along the way.

I also wouldn't mind a trip to Florida, or up the West coast (although I have to confess...I'm scared to death of the thought of earthquakes!)

Micah and I would really love to return to Hawaii sometime as well:o)

Ooh...and an Alaskan cruise! I want to see some penguins:o)

There is also a map you can fill out for countries visited, although mine wouldn't be very impressive! I'll just write it out: The US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, England and Wales. I would love to travel all through Europe someday, and Micah really wants to go to Australia. It would be neat to visit Egypt and the Holy Lands, and perhaps Japan. I also want Micah to take me to see the places in South America where he lived growing up as an MK.

There are just too many places to see! I guess that's fine, because we will never run out of places to go (or dream about going to:o)!

Thanks to Mrs. Happy Housewife for the link.


Anonymous Jaime said...

Erin, When i was about 8, My Family traveled alomost all the western states.

Then, a few months before Katrina Hit I visited Baton Rouge, LA. Not because i wnated to, but because my husband had to go on a buisness trip.

Most Traveling Doesn't seem to me to be very exciting or fun,

Except, the Mountains fo Colorado or the redwoods of Califonia. Or The Landscape of Idaho.

I never want to travel out of the country.

Maybe in the 90's it was a thoughtfull,
But now, So much Danger.

I Know My husband does not want to travel out of the country.
He feels it's a risk he just wold not take.even if it ment losing his Job!!! :o(

Christianity is poo Poohed even in Canada. If you speak against homosexuals, You could be fined or even jailed!!

I really Admire Missionaries
And people who even Die for their belifes in some countrys in this very day and age!

America has waxed fat and kicked.

My husband thinks there might be a real problem with Muslums in our Country in the not so distant future.

They May not "seem Violent" But they are giving money to the terrorists.

They are having alot of Children.

they have practicaly taken over the Sugar Land, TX Area.
In the last 5 years it's been amasing to see how they are multiplying!!!

In my 5th month of pregnancy, On the day i had a Dr visit,
2 hours before we left,
While my husband was taking a shower,
I saw first hand,
The towers FALL. Live on T.V

We lived in a Apartment almost half full of Muslims.
We could not afford much, and we really had no idea that they were our enemys.
We moved out as soon as possible.
We felt scared, and we were given evil looks constantly! One lady even spit at/ toward me!!
We left when Lilly was about 5-6 months old.
The complex had become almost entierly Muslum!!

Now that we are in Kemah,
It's really nice.

Examination of Nazi Germany,
May not be a bad idea.

We watched the "Sound of Music" the other day.
It really opened our eyes.
We see it happening.
It's only a matter of time.
It's evil, it's premeditated.
It's a slow Killing of Democracy and freedom.
It's almost undetectible,
It's something people want to ignore.
But there wil rise up a People.
To reek Havoc on America.
and welcome the Anti-christ with open arms!
we will be outnumbered. the minority.
Doesn't matter if you are black, white, hispanic.
You will convert or you will DIE.

There is Something that comforts us,
the many things God has promised.

You Know you can't run and you can't hide.
technology is ever growing.

Live everday as if it were your last.

God alows, God Is there at all times.
Be still and know that he IS God.

Love in Christ,
Jaime C.

7:52 AM, November 07, 2005  
Blogger zan said...

Why have you avoided New England? It is one of the birth places of America. Full of history.

You sure have visited more states than I have. If you do visit New England come in October. It is the prettiest than because of the colors.

I agree, I am too afraid of earth quakes to ever want to live in California. :)


9:06 AM, November 07, 2005  

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