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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Guarding Against Selfishness

As I have been thinking the past several days about what home means to me, I have been tickled with an uncomfortable thought. How do I prevent my home from becoming a cacoon of selfishness?

I know myself. I LOVE home because of the freedom I find, the joy I take in being there. But I have been wondering where and how the balance is found between home and the world. Home is important. But reaching out to the world is also, and is commanded in Scripture.

I have been wondering what God's plan is for women in relation to our service in the world. When I am finally free to be at home, I don't want to become a Selfish Homemaker (Is there such a thing? :o)

Chasing worldy acclaim is pointless. That is not what I am referring to. I'm referring to the dirty work of caring for the people you wouldn't want your children around. Feeding the people who may not deserve it. Loving the unlovable. I'm talking about venturing out into places where the comfort of home is not felt, simply for the purpose of reaching someone with Christ's love. God commands it. But for His grace, I would be no better off.

As Christian women, is our service strictly limited to the home or the Christian community? I don't think so. How are we to prioritize our lives correctly so that our mission on earth is best fulfilled? I am still working out a way to logically and Scripturally approach this topic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask God and your husband as you go:)My husband would like me to serve more with hospitality to his unsaved friends at work.We've also discussed supporting a local crises pregnancy center,amongst many other things we would like to do.However, we have realized there are seasons.We have our third child due in a couple of weeks,and for now these things aren't possible.

I do know what your talking about, though.I have seen both other ladies and myself get so preoccupied with having things "christian" or "right",we put off the real important task of serving others.I think it stems from a selfish desire to have everything perfect so we appear godly thus makeing us feel better about ourselves.Its hypocrisy and vanity.

12:50 AM, October 29, 2005  

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