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Thursday, October 27, 2005

What is it about home?

Maybe all women don't yearn to be at home. But I don't understand this! Home presents opportunities for the most creative and important work a woman can accomplish. The possibilities far outweigh those afforded by any other environment on earth.

At home, I can control the atmosphere. If I wish for a cozy style, I can surround myself with glowing candles, warm throws and and pad around in fluffy slippers. If I am a romantic, I can load a vase with flowers and hang gauzy curtains. With just a little creative ingenuity, I can transform my home--however humble--into a charming cottage, an urban-chic haven, or an elegant "castle" for my family.

At home, I can brew a pot of my favorite chai tea and sit down for ten quiet minutes with some reading.

At home, I can always find some physical task to work off some extra energy.

At home, I can spend time with my favorite person/people in the world.

At home, I can open up a window or a door and breathe deeply.

At home, I can let my creative juices flow into the next great project: Whether I'm working on a scrapbook, refurbishing a piece of furniture, searching online for new enticing recipes, writing a letter, writing a book, organizing all the closets, painting a bedroom, sewing a new skirt, attempting to make as wonderful an apple pie as my grandpa makes, learning a new piece of music, starting my dream small business, planning a surprise for the people I most care about, planning a party, planting flowers, calculating a family budget, tackling a great work of literature, washing a car, developing my worldview by reading the Bible, history, philosophy and science, organizing and implementing a service project or class, comparison-shopping for the best prices on items my family needs, preparing a feast on a cold day, preparing a light picnic on a warm day, creating an organizational system for an efficient household, contacting potential clients, vendors, contractors, service-providers for my small business, or working on the perfection of just about any other skill imaginable...can there be any other place that provides such an opportunity for the realization of a woman's dreams and aspirations?

At home, I can spend a quiet and lovely evening with my husband.

At home, I can spend and loud and lively evening with family and friends.

At home, I get to be the hostess. The Mistress of Activities. The Manager of the daily schedule. The Mrs. Somebody. The Queen of the Castle.

At home, I am surrounded by my favorite things.

At home, I am free to share my things and time with others.

At home, I am challenged and encouraged by my daily interactions with people who are very important to me, and to whom I am very important.

At home, I get to choose both the music I listen to and the volume.

At home, I can scent the air with the clean smell of soap, the steamy fragrance of home-made bread or my Pumpkin Spice candle.

At home, I am free to come and go at will. The world is at my doorstep.

Here's wishing that soon I will be able to experience the full-time freedom and opportunity of Home.

What are your "At homes"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet,encouraging post!Alot of times I get stuck in the everydayness of chasing toddlers and dishes.I need to be more creative and fun for my family.....more reasons to go to God and ask for his wisdom.

1:01 AM, October 29, 2005  
Blogger Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hello Erin,

This is one of the best posts about being at home that I've ever read! I liked it so much that I've had a link to it through an image on my blog's sidebar, and so now I feel pretty silly that I never even left a comment on it! Truly, you've captured the beauty of being at home so deeply here, maybe it was your longing for it--which I am so happy came true for you!

Blessings, Wendy

12:05 PM, July 17, 2006  

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