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Friday, February 23, 2007

Life is busy

We've been putting lots of time into Frugal Living Journal lately, along with our other various and diverse projects. I just have to laugh that some people think women at home have nothing to do. I can't for the life of me fathom what boredness must feel like!:op

Life hasn't been all work. This is my younger sister, Megan, and I at her celebratory 23rd birthday lunch recently. I bet you couldn't tell we were related until I mentioned it...right?;o)

After lunch, my mom and I indulged Megan by accompanying her on her favorite I was excited to find a great deal on this khaki-colored corduroy skirt at one of my favorite stores (that I can rarely justify the prices at)...Ann Taylor Loft. The skirt was marked down to $14-something. It was my splurge of the day. (Well, not exactly a splurge, because I need more skirts I can wear in the winter, and I'm sure I'll get some good use out of this one next year!)

My grandparents are in town for the next three weeks, so we'll be spending a lot of time visiting with them. We're also taking a quick jaunt to San Antonio to see Micah's sister while she's there for a conference. (She lives across the country from us, so we have to take advantage of this opportunity to see her!)


Is it weird that I like to read cookbooks cover to cover? I was very excited when my mom donated a stack of her old cookbooks to me! I've started reading through them, trying to glean some helpful info and also find some new recipes that look good enough to try.

I have many other things I've been wanting to blog about lately! Unfortunately, the wee hours of Saturday morning aren't the time to be delving into anything that takes too much thought. Thus the activities run-down. I wish you a wonderful weekend, and I'll try to conjur up some brain cells for my next post!:o)


Blogger Mrs.B. said...

I really enjoy these kinds of posts, and I think many ladies do so don't feel like you can post only when it's something deep.

Love Love Love the skirt! The whole outfit is so pretty.


10:10 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Samantha said...

I really enjoyed this post as well. When I first looked at the picture of you and your sister I couldn't tell who was who :) My sister and I are opposites, she has blonde hair/blue eyes and I have dark hair/dark eyes so no one mistakes us for twins. It sounds like you and Micah are in for a fun weekend with family!

That skirt is adorable, and well worth the 14 dollars! Now, I've got the shopping bug!

11:30 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Erin said...

Mrs. B, thanks for the reassurance...and the compliment!:o)

Samantha, Megan and I have been mistaken for twins quite often! (She is a few inches taller than me and likes to wear heels that make her about 6 ft. tall, though, so it doesn't usually happen when we're standing up:o) Do have just one this the one that you watch her children?

9:45 PM, February 26, 2007  
Blogger Erin said...

I mean..."do you have just one sister?" :op

9:46 PM, February 26, 2007  
Blogger Becky Miller said...

I really like that skirt. The length is really flattering. Nice choice!

7:32 AM, March 03, 2007  

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