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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our Home - Creative lighting:o)

This floor lamp was originally an ugly brassy color. (I prefer metals that are silver, black or white...anything but gold! That's just one of my things:op ) We were able to re-coat it ourselves with this pewter-colored coating very inexpensively. I'm sure that most metals can be re-coated for an updated look!
This "candle holder" is actually a plate. I received a set of four crystal dessert plates as a wedding gift. When one broke, I decided that there probably wouldn't be too many situations when I'd only need three dessert candle holders they became! There are so many different ways to use's fun to try to think how they might be "re-purposed".


Blogger zan said...

I don't like brass, either. Eee! My husband ex-wife had this whole house decorated with brass and gold. Yuck! I have been replacing everything with brushed nickel or silver. Even my wedding ring/engagement ring is platinum and white gold.

12:46 PM, January 27, 2007  

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