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Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Home - More Views

You can see our little kitchen on the left

All the walls in the house are white. I'd really love to paint some of them, but we probably won't since we're renting and would have to paint them all back:o(

The white bookshelf holds cds, cookbooks and part of my collection of boxes. (I collect wood boxes that have meaning to one my grandpa made, one I bought in Mexico, one my dad brought me from Egypt, one a friend bought for me in Italy, etc.) I know that's an eclectic mix of stuff, but in a house this size, we have to fit stuff in where we can!

My china and crystal...currently displayed on this desk. It's not very sturdy, so eventually I'd really like to buy a real china cabinet at an antiques auction. (You can really get some great deals at those!) The box underneath holds my good silverware.

And just let me's a miracle that that plant is still alive:o) I'm getting better at not letting stuff die! Maybe it's time to graduate to an herb garden?


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