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Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Home - Living/Dining Area

The white table in the corner was my other free find off the side of the road. The coffee table is Simply Shabby Chic brand from Target, bought when they were clearancing it out for $40. We were also blessed to receive the couch and the table/chairs set as handme-downs from my parents when we first got married. That's the furniture I grew up with:o)
During cold spells, we use the fireplace a lot to help heat the living room. We bought the fireplace set at a garage sale for $10. That might seem high for a garage sale, but these are super-solid, heavy iron! I'd been looking for some for a while and had only found much cheaper-made ones for $30 and up.
The jar of dried rose petals sitting on the hearth are all from roses Micah's given me. Yes, I'm sentimental:o) Oh...and sorry to the people who hate carnations (my sister's one of them), but you can't beat the price! I just love having cheery, fresh flowers on my table!


Blogger Mrs.B said...

Your living room looks so cozy!

1:29 AM, January 27, 2007  
Anonymous dana said...

You're right, you can't beat carnations for the price :) And fresh flowers add so much to a home. PLUS, you can dye white carnations any color you like so they're totally a good flower to buy!
I just found your site today and I agree with so many things you write about, especially homemaking. I'm really enjoying your posts. I LOVE the photos of your home; it's lovely!!

10:57 AM, August 18, 2008  

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