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Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Home - Entry

Mrs. B asked me to post home pictures...and the fact is that I was planning to anyway:o) I know I posted some about a year ago, but we've made some changes since then. I LOVE decorating and trying to make my home into a lovely and comfortable place to it will always be a work in progress. (I guess I partly inherited that from my mom who has never been without some home improvement project going on as long as I've been alive!

My challenge--which I actually really enjoy!--is trying to improve our home and decorate as frugally as I can (without buying really cheapo-plastic type stuff, that is!) I'll try to point out some of my "frugal innovations" in the pictures that follow.

Our home is pretty small...two bedrooms, one bath, and about 950 sq. ft. Here's the entry "nook". The crosses on the wall were all given to us as wedding gifts by different people. I really like them together as a set...each one is different. The one in the middle is inscribed with the love passage from 1 Corinthians 13.
In order to control paper clutter, I've established specific places for it to go. The file-box hanging on the wall is for incoming mail. (I bought it at that place!) Every few days (or at least weekly when I pay bills) I sort the mail, throw out trash, and file everything else.

On this dresser next to the front door, I have a glass bowl for our keys, and another wood file box (also from Ross) for outgoing mail and other important papers we don't want to forget as we head out the door.
This dresser is one of two that we found on the side of the road for free several months ago. I repainted them, but this one still lacks handles. Hope to find those soon! We store dvds and games in the drawers.
The expanded view. Yes...I know I need pictures in those three frames by the door! I want to do some black and white ones, but I haven't decided of what yet.
My piano, to the left, has a big built-in mirror over it.


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