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Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Home - Some Bedroom Details

I don't like impersonal knick-knacks. I like to use special or meaningful things in my decorating. When I look around my home, I want to see things that make me smile, remind me of something meaningful, or uplift me in some way.
Several years ago, I gave Micah this wood box as a gift. (I got a good deal on it at Hobby Lobby, in case anyone's wondering:o) I wrote a personal message to him inside the lid, using a silver paint pen. The purpose of the box was to have a special place for us to "treasure our memories together"...special letters to each other, things like that;o) It's so much fun to go through it now and then and be reminded of our history together.
Just a peek now...;o)
This used to hang in my bedroom when I was little. I now have it hanging on my side of the bed as a comforting reminder.
This hangs on Micah's side of the bed as a reminder for him;o) I believe this is an old wood slat from a fence...I bought it at a flea market and hung it with ribbon. But I'm sure this would be easy to make with any old piece of wood, if you like the "shabby chic" look. You could make it say anything you wanted.


Blogger Mrs.B said...

I really like the box! I have a decorative box for each of us to place our personal mementos from each other inside.

And good for you repurposing the broken dishes!

1:26 AM, January 27, 2007  

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