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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rita's coming

Well, Micah and I went to Walmart tonight to stock up on some necessities. Get this: there was practically no bread, crackers, or cans of soup. There wasn't a single can of chicken or tuna. I think we found (after much searching) the last package of "C" batteries. They were about an hour away (according to one of the workers) from being completely out of bottled water. Not to mention that the store was PACKED.

I'm glad people are taking this seriously and preparing. If the storm grows as big as predicted, we won't have had anything even close to it since 1983. And even that wasn't a category 4, like they're saying this might be. I'm trying to imagine what all of our Louisiana transplants must be feeling. They've just escaped the worst storm of their lives, only to meet with another one three weeks later:o(

As far as we know right now, Galveston will be having a mandatory evacuation. We are just northwest of Houston, about an hour and half from the we don't have to worry about storm surge. But we are at least considering the possibility of evacuation if it looks like the storm will be bad enough. We would most definitely get pretty strong winds, and much of Houston could flood. We'll be watching it closely for the next couple days and see what happens.


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