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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moved in

Whew! What a job. All of our belongings are now (mostly) in their general designated places at our house. I still have a bit of organizing to do in the kitchen and bedroom, but at least things are very livable.

On Saturday we rented a u-haul and drove downtown to pick up our refrigerator. God provided a used fridge that is exactly what we needed and wanted...and even after we paid more than $100 for the truck it was still a bargain! (Anyone who's checked out fridge prices lately knows that they're not a cheap investment!) We found it on Craig's List...GREAT site for used appliances, furniture, whatever. The couple we bought it from had recently moved into a new house that had a refrigerator in it already, and so they didn't need their old one. It's in almost-perfect condition!

We were also able to use the u-haul to transport my piano to our house, so I'm very excited about that! The piano was another great blessing, as it was given to me at no cost. I'd been wanting one ever since I left home and could no longer play my parents'. It needs a good tuning, but is in great condition otherwise.

I've been having fun getting set up. My home is very important to me, and I'm a rather domestic-y type. I love to organize and decorate and make my home as homey and as "me and Micah" as possible, so you can imagine my current delight:o) I'm also looking forward to having everything in place, so that I can work on some other projects, like my photos, or baking a batch of bread. As my mom says, "a woman needs her things about her."


Blogger Jessica said...

The funny thing I noticed about moving in with Chris was that we somehow had two of everything, but still managed to make use of almost everything.

His brother was moving in with his fiance at the same time, and we ended up with a lot of his stuff as well, including an additional refrigerator, breadmaker, wok, and many kitchen utensils...

Have fun setting up house. It's always fun to see how people's personalities blend.

1:10 PM, September 14, 2005  
Blogger Erin said...

Hey Jessica,

Having two of everything is not a bad problem to have! I'd like to know how you managed to use TWO refrigerators though! :o)

When Micah and I got married, neither of us had a lot. Most of our furniture was either mine, or was given to there wasn't a lot of blending. But it's fun, because instead we get to build our collection together. I have to admit, though, that as the woman, my taste probably gets higher consideration when it comes to the decorating. Thankfully, he's usually happy with what I choose:o) I try to decorate with him in mind and ask his opinion...and stay away from pink:o)

6:17 PM, September 15, 2005  

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