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Friday, September 02, 2005

When the least becomes great

Night before last, the sweetest thing happened. Two little children--a boy and girl around eight or so years old--came to the door. They had a big tin can, decorated with colored paper and glitter; streamers hanging from it. The little boy said, "we're trying to collect money to give to the people that were in the hurricane." They were so cute and sincere, that I actually felt horrible that all I had to give was a dollar (I don't usually carry cash). I started to apologize that I didn't have more, but the little boy looked at me with a big smile as I handed him the bill. He didn't seem disappointed...he seemed excited that I was giving something. Even something so small. The kids thanked me, and I sensed their genuine gratefulness.

It got me thinking. It's not important how much we're able to give. It's only important that we give what we can. So what if I can't send $1000 to a charity, or donate a truckload of food. Maybe I can give a dollar. Maybe I can donate a few cans of soup from the sale-rack. Perhaps all those kids had was their markers and paper and a tin can. But they did something very unselfish and thoughtful with what they had. They blessed my heart, and I'm sure their gift will bless those who receive it.


Blogger Nichola said...

You are so right. If we each do what we can, it will make a difference.

8:26 PM, September 05, 2005  

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