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Saturday, August 27, 2005

On my mind...

Hubby went to bed early tonight, and I wasn't ready for sleep yet! So I am spending some quiet time reading and writing.

A lot has been happening with us lately that has not been pleasant! I won't go into everything here, because I am praying (hard!) that God will help me to focus on His provisions, and not on the things I don't like.

One thing for which I'm very thankful for today: Micah was involved in a car accident this morning, but it was not serious. Nobody was hurt. Our poor car now has a busted lip, but it is still drivable! We have insurance to cover the damage done to the other car (God provided the money to allow us to keep the policy active, in spite of our current financial hardships). Micah was driving our old civic, and not our newer car or the car he had been borrowing from one of our family members for several weeks while the civic was suffering with a bad distributor and laid up in the repair shop. As we just got the civic back about two days ago, the wreck could have just as easily happened to the borrowed or new(er) car!

Micah received the news today that he might finally be coming to the end of his training period for his recent job certification. This should hopefully mean an increase in work and pay!

My baby sister will be visiting for the next couple of weeks from her current home in Pennsylvania. It should be good to see after her three months of absence.

We will be having lunch with very good friends this weekend--who live in Dallas about five hours away from us--and whom we have missed very much (We will hear all about their just-returned-from vacation to Hawaii and try not to hate them!;o).

Even in the midst of trials, there is relief. There are little oasis' of blessings in the desert.

I need to stop and reflect: Not everything is perfect, but God is. He knows what we need, and will not allow things to happen to His children that do not ultimately result in our growth and benefit.


Blogger Jessica said...

Doesn't it always seem that both bad luck and good luck happens in threes? Hope things perk up a bit.

2:05 PM, August 28, 2005  

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