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Monday, August 22, 2005

But what about when you LOVE it??

I have been unpacking boxes in our new rental home. I thought I got rid of all our extra stuff before we moved, but as I unpack I'm finding that we STILL have too much STUFF.

Granted, this house isn't huge! It only has two bedrooms and is slightly less than 1000 sqft. But there are only two of us and we have only been married for two years! If we can't fit our stuff in this home now, what will our lives be like after we have children and all of their STUFF to add to the mix...not to mention the probability that we will accumulate more things as the years pass. Even though I'm sure we will live in a larger house in the future, I still want to start the habit of clutter-control now.

Here's the thing: This isn't just clutter that I don't care about. A lot of it is my special things. I have my entire childhood packed up in boxes, taking up almost one whole closet out of three in the house. All the dolls and stuffed animals that I loved (three packed tupperware boxes--the big kind!). Most of my school work, essays, even some favorite textbooks from kindergarten through college. My box of ballet and piano recital trophies (Not that I would ever display them now, but I still have trouble pitching them!). EVERY single card or letter anyone has ever sent me saved in a big tupperware container (looking through it a while back, I realized that I had even saved the postcards from my Dr. and dentist. I guess that all mail addressed to a child seems special!).

My husband, also, has special boxes from his childhood--but his stuff probably takes only about a third of the room of mine. Still...what are we really going to do with that shriveled, preserved piranha, honey? (You should see this's scary! :op)

Throwing away these things somehow feels like I'm throwing away a piece of my life. But at the same time, I realize that these things won't do much good just sitting in closets or attics till they finally disintegrate. Sigh.

I suppose I need to pick out the most special things, and the things I definately want to pass on to my children, and get my husband to throw out the rest when I'm not at home. EVERYBODY should keep treasures to remember their lives by, but I suppose there is such a thing as excess. Still...when my dolls and stuffed bears look at me with those mournful eyes...


Blogger Lydia said...

LOL! The items you mentioned as saving from your childhood sound sooo much like me! I have hundreds of cards and letters I received from people over the years. I have parted with many of them (those that only had a signature and no personalized message). I also have kept many of my stuffed animals and dolls. I used to collect stuffed bunnies so I have an over-abundance of those. There are several childhood toys and playthings I would have difficulty parting with such as my American Girl Collection, my Maple Town animals and accessories and my dollhouse furniture and miniatures. The Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop I could probably do without. I am seriously considering getting rid of all my Barbie dolls and accessories. I wouldn't want my own little girl playing with them someday. I can't believe my own mother allowed me to play with "fashion dolls" that promote vanity, immodesty and materialism. Of course back when I was growing up Barbies weren't as much that way as they are now.

One thing I like to use to help me in getting rid of stuff is asking myself questions such as, "Will I use this 10 years from now? 5 years? Even one year?" "Will keeping this item make me a better person in the long run? Do these things really matter in light of eternity?" Just something to ponder as you continue to dejunk and toss out. Hope your transition to your new home goes well. Happy unpacking and sorting!

2:52 PM, August 24, 2005  
Blogger Erin said...


Thanks for commenting!:o)

I like your idea about only saving cards with a personal message. That's a good place to start. I know I would never want to get rid of my entire collection...there is some special stuff in there!

I've got Barbies too. I even have one that was my mom's when she was little (probably from the early 60s) They sure looked a lot different back then!

7:44 PM, August 24, 2005  

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