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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Too Little Time!

My journey to prioritize in such a way that everything I want and need to do gets done is a little slow in getting off the ground! Of course, I have to be patient and give it a little time. We are in kind of a big transition time right now...moving this weekend; both of us training for our jobs. Sadly, patience is not something I'm always good at having;op

I am sure this is something that everybody--moms, wives, working women--deals with. I am always looking for ideas and advice on this topic!

Here's what I'm currently focusing on:

  • Trying to do what I can--even if it's just a little--and being OK with that. My homemaking responsibilities are important to me, but if it's between cleaning or spending time with my husband, hubby wins out:o) I will try to do my big cleaning as quickly as possible every weekend.
  • Patience
  • Collecting quick and easy recipes that are also cheap and healthy. I wrote about my efforts at meal planning in an earlier post.
  • Patience
  • Having contentment and thankfulness. I need to stop complaining about things I don't like (like my horrendous commute!) and try to be thankful for God's provision and what He's trying to teach me. Driving in the car can actually be a nice quiet time, if I have the right attitude about it.
  • Patience
  • Being a help and an encouragement to my husband
  • Patience

(Did I mention that I need to work at cultivating some patience right now?:op)


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