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Monday, August 01, 2005

Advertisement Rant:op

Can we please just ban billboards on the side of the road? Nothing makes a town or city look junkier than those nasty things! And if I have to hear one more commercial on the radio...

Not much annoys me more than the overwhelming bombardment of advertising everywhere you go, and I'm afraid it's going to only get worse. I read an article in Inc. magazine the other day called "The Future of Advertising is Here." Apparently, this is what we can all look forward to:

Imagine a day when you can text-message a discount coupon to a cell phone user just as she walks past your shop. That day is here.

"We look for subsegments of Internet users who care about certain things," explains Breen Vogel. "We find them when they're online, we intercept their activities, and we start a relationship with them."

As more networked display screens permeate our homes--on appliances, walls, even furniture--each one will become a potential medium for tuned-to-your-lifestyle ad services of the sort that Accenture's Fano and others are dreaming up.

Computer screens are popping up everywhere, and more and more advertisers are thinking up ways to make sure those screens don't go to waste. Take elevators, which now often sport displays above the floor buttons. These screens are becoming prime advertising real estate as maketers grab the chance to catch businesspeople or affluent tourists on their way to the street.

Of course, the ultimate smart-ad would enable a marketer to hit any individual with a low-cost, interactive message any time of day, any place--a platform for a campaign that could identify and follow prospects throught the world as if they were continuously online. Forward-thinking marketers even have name for this dream medium. They call it...the mobile phone.

A motion-sensitive projector turns any surface into a crowd-drawing, brandable interactive display.

[Enpocket technology] sends ad messages, coupons, and branded video files to mobile phones--in some cases tracking the phone's location.

Until marketers can read consumers' minds, there will always be uncertainty about the most effective ways to deliver messages. And mind reading, at least, is a technology that's still a long, long way off. Oh, wait--scratch that. Neuroscientists at the California Institue of Technology and Baylor College of Medicine are already using high-tech brain scans to measure people's responses to marketing messages.

Well, here's my response to marketing messages! Just leave me alone!

P.S. I'm completely for entrepreneurialism and ingenuity, and understand that letting people know about your product is necessary if you want to sell any. But why do we need to be a culture where "on average, Americans are subject to some 3,000 essentially random pitches per day"? If I really want or need something, I will seek it out. How much do we really need to buy...and how much of what we buy on a regular basis is going to change dramatically because we saw 3000 advertisements? Are we that fickle? Why does EVERY object have to be a form of advertising. Can't we just live normally? You know...almost makes me want to move out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and make all my own stuff. Almost:op


Blogger Nichola said...

Cause you have money, honey and you are going to spend it somewhere, why not here or there? The company that convinces the most people that they can't live without their stuff wins. Take Wal-Mart for instance. Can any family today live with out a super Wal-Mart? It is unthinkable. But my husbands family made it for years shopping a a few small stores 20 miles away in little shops on the town square. They just didn't need a bunch of stuff. Why do we need so much more stuff now? I love super Wal-Mart, but I am starting to wonder. Why do we have to have so much stuff? What is it we really need, not what advertizing tells us we need? Does it really take a Wal-Mart, (Or Stuff-Mart if you have seen Veggie Tales!), to supply what we need?

Thank for your post. Got me thinking again. And that sounds like something to think about before I go get a cell phone. (I'm a weirdo with no phone, so un-cool.) :-)

8:33 AM, August 02, 2005  

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