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Friday, July 29, 2005

Our Grandparents

Micah's grandparents
They were farmers, and until within the last several months, lived together on the same farm in rural Ohio throughout their entire marriage. Micah's Grandpa is now in need of more care, and has had to be moved to a special home. It is very hard for them to be split up, but Grandma visits him as much as she can. They have been married for about 60 years.

These are my grandparents, Arlene, Bill, Linda and Bill.
They have been married for 51 years and 33 years respectively.
Bill and Arlene, on the left, were not living for Christ when they first married and began to raise their family. But when they turned to Him, their marriage became transformed. Today, my Grandma Arlene speaks at Christian Women's Clubs all over the country and shares her testimony with other women. My Grandpa travels with her and is her "manager." They love to travel together!
Bill and Linda, on the right, have had to overcome the difficulties brought on by the deaths of both of their first spouses, and by creating a mixed family of eight when they married each other. There was a lot to work through...but today they have a very strong marriage and are closer than ever. Grandpa makes the best apple pies in the world--and very good bread--and Grandma likes to cook everything else!


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