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Friday, July 29, 2005

Seventy-One Years

These were my great-grandparents, Arthur and Hettie, at the time of their marriage in 1929. They were married for seventy-one years before Great-Grandpa died. Great-Grandma died about a year and a half later. They were the most loving couple...inspiring to watch.

As farmers, they always worked hard as a team to keep things going. Great-Grandpa was the strong, silent type, so Great-Grandma did all the talking for both of them. She was as chipper and sweet as a little bird, and was a great story-teller. Near the end, she lovingly cared for him when his health began to decline and he had to be put on oxygen. When her own time came, she was very happy to be going to join the Lord and her beloved husband once more.


Blogger Susan said...

I came to your blog through Rene's blog, to read your "Skirt Girls" post. I found myself browsing around, and absolutely loved your messages about the long marriages in your family! They're great, and a wonderful example for us younger gals to follow (I'm younger than they are - I'm only 40! LOL)

I enjoyed your blog, and I'll be back!

6:20 PM, August 04, 2005  

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