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Monday, August 22, 2005

One box I will not be tossing!

Micah and I have a treasure box. In it, we keep special mementos from our relationship, such as the letters we have written each other (including many emails that I took care to print out before they were lost forever!), and many other little somethings that are significant to us.

I purchased this box as a gift for Micah before we were married, right before I left to go to England for several months. It is a large old-fashioned looking wooden box, with a flat lid, that I bought from Hobby Lobby. On the inside of the lid, I wrote a special note to him with a paint pen. I told him that the box was for the letters and other things I would be sending him while I was away. Even though he is a guy (and therefore probably not as sentimental as I!), he was still very touched by the gift.

Since we have been married, I have added my half of the letters and special things to the box, and it has become our little place for our treasures. I love to open it up and be reminded of all that we've shared together.


Blogger Carrie said...

Oh, how special! We don't have a treasure box for all our special memories, but I do keep special things from our relationship, mostly in my hope chest. Jim made it for me (he's a carpenter) and gave it to me as a Christmas gift before we got married. I keep all my letters from him in it. The chest has actually been stored at my parents' house for the past 3 years; now I'm impatient to move it over here so I can see what else I have in it, LOL! :) It will be nice to have it in its rightful "home" again--with me!

I also can identify with having a hard time getting rid of cherished things from childhood, as you mentioned in the previous post. I'm way too much of a packrat, but am trying to work on it! The worst thing is that Jim and I are both alike in this, so we have accumulated a LOT of stuff in 6 years. I finally talked him into getting rid of his old, icky, plastic Awana trophies . . . :) But, I just can't get rid of my old pink bunny and brown bear--aptly named "Bunny" and "Bear" (I've had them since I was around one). I slept with them every night and they were my best friends! In fact, I blush to admit that they stayed with me all the way through college, and I still snuggled with them up until we got married! Then I traded them in for a bigger "teddy bear" . . . :D But I still have them, lovingly packed away, and I just couldn't bear to part with such faithful old friends.

9:25 PM, August 23, 2005  
Blogger Erin said...


Your description of the "old icky plastic Awana trophies" made me laugh! I can picture them now. At least you don't have the ugly dried piranha problem;o)

That's beautiful that your husband made the chest for you! Is he a carpenter professionally? If so, does he get to work from home?

Don't throw away the bunny and bear. At least there are only two of them, and that shouldn't take much space! (Listen to me...I could never work as one of those clutter-control gurus!)

10:07 PM, August 23, 2005  

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