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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm excited! *Updated*

I've been working on my new site, and I'm really happy with it! Can't wait to unveil it in the next day or two. I prefer to stay simple with my website layouts, so it's not anything really fancy...but I MADE IT ALL BY MYSELF(!) so please excuse my amateur enthusiasm:o)

EDT: Well...because of problems setting up the hosting, it may take a couple more days than expected to have it up and running:o( They originally told us it could be as many as ten days, but I'm hoping it won't be that long! *sigh*

Monday, May 21, 2007


Quoting from a post I made on our other website, Frugal Living Journal...

Sometimes you begin something and realize that it's turned out to be more of a challenge than you expected. At least that's what's happened with Micah and I and our online ventures!

After some discussion over the past couple of days, we've decided that Micah needs to preserve his time for focusing on his income-earning businesses/job. I, on the other hand, need to be able to streamline my online ventures. With all I have to keep me busy at home and other writing projects I want to be able to do, I really don't have the time to spend on multiple online projects right least of the kind that require consistent creativity and originality!

We've decided that I will combine my two websites (this one and my personal blog) into a new website/blog, which will center largely on homemaking and domesticity, with emphases on creativity, beauty and frugality. I'll still share all about our attempts at living frugally and the things we learn doing so, but--considering the other emphases I mentioned--you may find the new site to have a decidedly more feminine approach. (I actually tried to restrain much of that while writing for this site, in an effort to keep things more "gender-neutral";o)

So that's the deal! I've learned that I can't spread myself too thin...better to have one (hopefully) decent site than multiple mediocre ones:o)

Unfolding Moments began two years ago as a sort of personal journal/place to write about my interests. Largely, I think I began it as a way to connect with other ladies who were doing what I wanted to do but couldn't at the time! (Be a full-time homemaker/work from home.) It was almost a survival technique...a way to live vicariously:o)

Now that I can live out my dream, I really want to focus in on doing that well. I want my new site to focus on all the aspects of living out my chosen career (As my site, it will probably very much reflect my own personal "homemaking flavor"! I think there many flavors, so many opportunities for sites to express them!:o) I want to celebrate the opportunities for personal and creative growth that homemaking can provide, as well as the opportunities to give of ourselves to our families and others. I also hope to encourage other women with the same dreams that they can get there too...the same way I was encouraged:o) I know I could probably just keep writing here on Unfolding Moments, but I really think I'd like a fresh start. (However, I do plan to transfer my favorite posts over to the new site:o)

So, the plan is to leave this site open for a bit, while I get the new one going. I'll let you know all the info. when I do!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I decided to follow Mrs. B's example and delete my last post. I guess there's too much trash out there to be able to safely google some names (Sorry, Trixie!:o( )

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Facts About Me

Mary Ann tagged me for this meme! ( was kind of a while ago, but I AM finally getting to it!:op )

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I took ballet lessons for about eight years when I was little, but now cannot dance worth anything! (Oh least it was a lot of fun for me then:o)

2. I like bananas, but I cannot eat them (unless they are mashed up like in banana bread, or cut into very small pieces like in a fruit salad). It's something about the texture. It makes me gag. (Lovely, I know!)

3. I remember when I bought my first car, gas only cost about 89-95 CENTS PER GALLON! (It wasn't even THAT long ago!) I really miss those days!

4. My first job (besides babysitting) was as a cashier at a small, local family-owned grocery store when I was 17. The family was proud of their German heritage. Every October, they had "Oktoberfest", when they would discount all the sausage and sauerkraut and play polka music non-stop. They made all the girl employees wear embarrassing (for me at the time:o) frilly German apron costumes, but the guys had it slightly better with just feathered hats!

5. I've taken a tour of the British parliament building, but never been to any of the DC governmental sites. I've been to London several times, but never to NYC. I'm looking forward to touring OUR OWN COUNTRY'S famous landmarks someday!

6. My ancestors first came to America in the 1600s, and some of them fought against the British in the American revolution. I'm a complete European mutt (Scottish, English, Irish, French, Dutch, etc.), with a little bit of Jewish thrown in.

7. My current favorite Starbucks drink is a Green Tea Frappuccino without whip. Just had one tonight! Mmmm.

I know this one has been going around the blogosphere for a while, so I don't know who's already done it! If you haven't yet and you want to...consider yourself tagged! And let me know if you do so I can come read it!:o)