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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I love deals!

Recently I've been getting back into organizational mode: not just with the house, but with many other aspects of our life, including budgeting and money management. Crystal has been partially responsible for inspiring me to revisit our shopping budget this past week or two, with her recent Supermarket Savings series!

I'd dipped my toes into couponing several months ago and decided that it didn't work (since I don't buy very many processed/convenience items, which seemed to be the bulk of the coupons); however, I've now considered how many non-food items we buy that might be "coupon-able". Also, I like the ideas Crystal presented of getting deals on things we might not necessarily use, but could give away or sell.

Last weekend I bought a paper, and that's currently the extent of my coupon collection! But I still managed to get a few deals I was excited about, due to some nice sales:

Kohls has been having a bunch of good sales lately for some reason. I found several clothing items Micah and I both needed from %40-%80 off regular prices: $60 Adidas sneakers for $30; $20 long tank tops (for layering under some of my other tops that feel a bit too short) for $4 apiece, pants for Micah at almost half-price, etc.

At CVS pharmacy, I took advantage of buy-0ne-get-0ne free deals for laundry detergent and loreal lipstick, for which I also had a coupon for $2.oo off (so I got $16-worth of lipstick for $6). I'd like to start buying items at CVS that generate Extra Care Bucks. You can read about this in Crystal's recent posts (She has about nine different posts in the series), or find general information on the CVS website.

As usual, I tried to base my weekly menu largely on the sale items listed on my grocery store flyer, but without many coupons to use, I didn't spend much less than usual there this week. I'm still working on some good ways to bring grocery expenditures down, without sacrificing health and quality.

I LOVE getting deals! Anybody have any recent deal successes to share?


Blogger Jenny said...

I use to build my coupon library you pay a small fee for each coupon and new ones you have to get in quantities of 5 but in the end most of the ones that come with more than one are ones that having an extra turns out to be great. It helped me stick with couponing until I had a few weeks of good sunday coupons to make me feel like I was truly saving. I don't need them very often anymore unless I don't get a paper for a number of weeks, but they are helpful for getting the motivation started.

7:30 AM, October 16, 2006  
Blogger Erin said...

Jenny, thanks for the info! I'd heard of that website before, but didn't know much about it. I think that, assuming I had the time to wait for the coupons to arrive, paying a little bit for some good coupons wouldn't be a bad thing! After all, we pay for the paper (coupons being the only reason hubby and I even GET the paper!)

11:39 AM, October 17, 2006  
Blogger frenchmommy said...

I have to say, I think its a little amusing that I believe you live close to me.(Amusing in that its actually crossed my mind to think "I know where you're talking about!" in a few posts). Anyways, I'd love to know what grocery stores you shop. There's an HEB and Kroger a few miles down the main road from my neighborhood and they're supposed to be building a new Kroger down the street next Spring. I do usually trek the 20 min. to WalMart(does College Park ring a bell? :) so I can get grocery and non grocery items together, but they don't double coupons or send flyers out so I have a hard time finding "sales" there. I've also read a lot about building a pantry based on coupons and sales at the stores so you're buying what's on sale that you have a coupon for mostly. I haven't mastered that and since I do work (from home) during the day, haven't had time to really work at it. If in fact you do live near me, I'd love to compare notes on area stores/sales/coupons though!!

10:18 PM, October 26, 2006  

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