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Monday, September 11, 2006

Working through the shock and pain

How did you process 9/11?

I remember gettting online and reading pages and pages of messages people from other countries had written expressing condolences and solidarity with America. I was very moved to see so much support.

I clipped pictures and quotes and made a patriotic "remembrance poster" that hung in my dorm room for most of that year. I now have that poster in my scrapbook.

I'm NOT a poet, but I was nevertheless inspired to write one a few weeks after 9/11, expressing the faith I have in America's spirit and resiliance, bolstered by the faith many of us have in God. It says in part:

Buildings may burn
Crumble and plunge
But the steel inside you
Isn't easy to touch

The sorrow still hurts you
Deep down inside
The pain sinks in deeper
As time passes by

But this shows the world
That you're strong enough to feel
Strong enough to love
To mourn and to heal

I'm STILL processing 9/11. About a month ago, Micah and went to see the movie "World Trade Center". I cried through most of it because the relationships, the pain and human struggle, and also the bravery and strength of 9/11's heroes were so movingly portrayed. I recommend the movie (though not for young children), as a vivid reminder of that day we should never forget.


Blogger Sharon said...

beautiful poem.
I was in college, also, at the time.
I remember the prayer service that night. It feels like yesterday.

7:21 PM, September 11, 2006  
Blogger Lynn said...

Nice tribute.

My remember is up

7:38 PM, September 11, 2006  

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