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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Men, women, college and the workplace

This afternoon I heard an interesting segment on the Michael Medved show about women, men and college. It seems that we are almost to a place where there is a 60% /40% split between women and men in universities...women holding the distinct majority over men. Is this good for society? (For more details, read this article)

Surprisingly enough, many of these women are not planning on using their college advantage towards having a full-time career. More and more women wish to stay home with their children, for at least part of the time. A recent article by The New York Times author Louise Story--"Studying to be a mother: Ivy Leaguers say women can't have it all"-- about this phenomenon is very interesting.

I am one of those women who pursued my college education with a passion, and yet do not aspire to be a career-woman. I believe there are other reasons for going to college, and believe that my reasons were good ones. However, as I wrote in an earlier post, I advocate serious thought before jumping into this decision, and I definitely believe that debt should not be used to finance an education, especially when the woman does not wish to be tied into the workplace.

I am concerned that men--who need to be able to make good livings to support their families-- are being crowded out of universities by female-focused policies and emphases. Not to mention that the current public school system has become so feminized that men are at a disadvantage even before they attempt to apply to college. It looks as though we as a society need to rethink some things.


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Amen to that!

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