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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


If you haven't checked out the Craigslist for your area, you really should! When Micah and I moved into this house, we needed to purchase a refrigerator. We preferred to buy a larger size (looking ahead, I suppose!), but all the medium-large sized refrigerators at the stores were upwards of $1000.00, especially the brand we wanted. We even went to a "Scratch and Dent" store and found that their damaged merchandise was still several hundred dollars and up.

We found our refrigerator on Craigslist for $200.00. It's a great size, and the brand and color were what we wanted. It's only a few years old and looks almost brand-new. We bought it from a nice family that had recently moved into a house (in a very expensive section of town) with a custom-sized fridge already in it.

Craigslist is better than Ebay and other online sites if you're purchasing something large (like furniture or appliances) because you can search within your own city and arrange to go see and pick up the item in person.

Also, be sure you check out the "Free" category, under "For Sale"! Currently, people in Houston are offering these items for free to someone who might be able to use them.


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