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Monday, February 20, 2006

God fixed our car for $20

I mentioned earlier that our second car was broken and has been out of commission for the last several weeks! We figured it was the breaks, because it made a horrible screeching sound when we tried to drive it. We had no idea how much money it would take to fix, but I was envisioning hundreds of dollars. (I tend the think of the worst, because when our cars break, it usually seems to be something very bad and expensive! And our second car, the civic, unfortunately has a terrible history!)

Well, this time, God surprised us with a very affordable solution! Our next door neighbors (a couple we don't yet know very well at all) came to us, said they noticed that we hadn't been driving our one car recently, and offered for the husband to look at it for us. Apparently, he's a professionally trained mechanic. Not only did he figure out what was wrong right away (the break pads needed replaced, and a few parts needed oiled), he took Micah to one of the mechanic shops he manages and got Micah his employee discount on the parts. He then installed them for us for free. Total cost: $20.00. We are so thankful for God's provision, and our neighbors' generosity!


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