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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ding, ding, ding!

Several weeks ago, I wrote about our efforts to start phasing my salary out of our budget.

Well, for several reasons having to do with Micah's job (which I will not get into right now), we are not as far along in doing this as we hoped. However! We have had some success that I am excited about! During the past six weeks, we have saved aside half of our emergency fund that needs to be in place before we'll start paying off the balances on our debt. For any of you who are familiar with Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to debt freedom, this is step number one. It relieves your dependancy on debt as a a way to deal with those little financial crises that arise from time to time. Instead of whipping out the credit card if your car breaks down or something, you've got a little savings cushion there to fall back on.

Also in the success department, Micah is getting much closer to being done with his initial "certifications" for his job. He completed the first one, and two more are very close. This should be a big boon to us financially. I am really getting anxious to completely phase out my salary!


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