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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Truth About Milk

This article about how commercial "milk" is produced is enough to give one nightmares. After you finish gasping, visit to find locations where you can purchase actual milk in your area. I know I will be!


Blogger Mrs.B. said...


11:55 AM, March 28, 2006  
Blogger Mrs. J said...

You probably already know this, but if you cut a muffin in half lengthwise you can grill it (cut side facing down) in a frying pan with a little butter for a hot tasty treat! The grilling makes the muffin just a hint crispy!

Also I buy frozen berries for my smoothies to cut down the cost!

1:11 PM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Erin said...

Actually, Mrs. J, I have never in my life heard of pan-fried muffins! It sounds really good though, and I'll have to try it with the muffins I just made last night:o)

What berries do you like to put in your smoothies? I've used strawberries and bluberries in the you have any other good suggestions?

4:42 PM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Mrs.B. said...

Hi Erin, I know you were asking Mrs. J but I thought I'd contribute my .02.

I like to put blackberries and rasberries into my smoothies (I also like strawberries and blueberries like you do) because I like the texture the seeds give and the darker colored berries have so many flavonoids.

5:24 PM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Martha A. said...

Peple almost act like you are a really weird person if you tell them you like to drink raw milk. I had friends who would refuse to even taste it , like it was poison and they would die from a taste. Honestly! Cows even watched closely get mastitis easily if not milked correctly and I shudder to imagine allt he infection they leave in the milk!

9:29 PM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Kimi Harris said...

I get raw milk from a local farmer. He is very careful about taking all precautions for safety. One should note that there is always a risk to ANY food we eat. Some of the common sources of food sickness are produce (such as lettuce). Commerical milk could even be more likely to give you food poisoning. But if one was really worried about drinking raw milk but wanted to avoid the gross stuff in commercial milk, they could easily pasteurize their "raw" milk at home on the stove. : )

10:46 PM, April 11, 2006  

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